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A unique region, where the typical is extraordinary

  • healthy and wholesome environment

  • special climate factors

  • fertile soil, with loamy and clay-rich river sands, which provides the perfect balance of quality and aroma

Skilled farmers

  • traditions in farming and preparation, largely hand within the production area

  • techniques and seeds handed down from generation to generation

Care throughout the supply chain to ensure product quality

  • protected Designation of Origin recognition

  • production that complies with strict guidelines

  • research and development for the continuous improvement of the garlic’s plant health

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Aglio di Voghiera DOP

an authentic, unique and inimitable flavour from

Ferrara and a delicacy for kitchens around the world


A history of tradition and innovation

The cultivation of garlic began during the Este dynasty and has been handed down with care over time. It was certified as a European PDO in 2007.

Flavour and well-being

Refined and never pungent, with a sweet and delicate taste, it is an authentic taste of the Po Valley and a great ally in protecting our bodies.

From farm to fork

With its perfect balance of quality and aroma, Aglio di Voghiera DOP is ideal for creative and refined cuisine.

Work with us

Become part of the Aglio di Voghiera DOP supply chain.
Open positions: agricultural experts and agronomists; accountants and auditors; international sales.


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